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Westerburgh and Micaela


[Sep 2016] In July 2016 Westerburgh & Micaela teamed up with KGZFougstedt and House of Silfver for a day of extraordinary filming in the Swedish countryside.

Watch the first video from our album Bull Dust.


[Apr 2017] A tribute to our friend Johan Pettersson for his 40th birthday. The song "Suit for the Masses" is written by Johan and can be found on Spotify as one of six singles he release during 2016.

Check out the original version here.

Some Die Young - Laleh (Cover)

[Feb 2016] This is Westerburgh & Micaela's cover of Laleh's hit song Some Die Young. Recorded and filmed during the month of February 2016 in Australia.

aus Farewell tour 2016

[Jun 2016] This is a snapshot of what a month in the life of touring acoustic duo 'Westerburgh & Micaela' looks like.

THAT'S WHAT IT IS - Mark Knopfler (cover)

[May 2015] This great song stuck with us after blasting the album 'Sailing to Philadelphia' on our roadtrip. The audio was recorded in a cheap Mildura hostel room and the video segments were shot in the luscious landscape of Coffs Harbour.

HERO - Family of the Year (cover)

[Mar 2015] WM took a moment to record the Family of the Year song 'Hero' after a suggestion from a good friend. Filmed on a junkyard in South Australia. This tune featured in the motion picture 'Boyhood' and it's one of the best memories we have of the Outback.

MEXICO - Cake (cover)

[Mar 2015] During their stint in Outback Australia, WM took a moment to record one of their favourite Cake songs. Filmed across two different states (South Australia & New South Wales.

good sad days (Original)

[Jun 2014] Recorded in Norrköping, Sweden - September 2013. The song is the title track on WM's debut album Good Sad Days.



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