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Westerburgh and Micaela

good sad days [2014]

One year in the making, Good Sad Days - The Album, was released on the 24th February 2014. WM's debut album consists of 11 studio recordings and a live bonus track. From dusty folk to rusty blues to more modern compositions, the album touches on various topics with life, love and obsticles as the main focus. Listen.


devlish [2015]

Almost 4 years in the making, Devlish - The Album, thrusts us into a progressive Blues world with roots in the white man's Delta. Original material that was deemed lost has suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, sprung to life via the magic touch of wmduosweden. Listen.


bull dust [2016]

Drenched in outback and coastal experiences while travelling around the vast continent of Australia. This album tells a story that's worth listening to. Released late 2016 and available on Spotify (Amazon & iTunes).




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