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Web Development and Design


3Ci Global Solutions - assisting regional and local governments to prepare
and recover from all types of disasters and crisis.
3Ci Global Solutions


The Coach House, Plas Tirion - A privately owned country house
set in extensive grounds of a tranquil Welsh country estate.
The Coach House - Bed and Breakfast


The brainchild of Dennis Westerberg & Mert Pearson
A Creative Consultancy dealing mostly with scoring films and helping
small companies to get ahead in their chosen fields.
Javla Men - Creative Consultancy


A Fire and Crisis Management Consultancy and Technology Company
focused on vastly improving the outcome of major physical crises.
BSG Command Systems Ltd


Whether you require a full scale party band to keep your guests
dancing through the night, or the coolest background music ever heard,
The Offenders large repertoire can be tailored to suit your needs.
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web development - portfolio

Web design offers many advertising opportunities and helps small businesses, organisations and individuals to promote their products, services and ideas. Get in contact to discuss how we can help you reach your online goals.

You can read more about the sites we have designed and developed by clicking on the "Info" link. Alternatively, you can open the site in a new window by clicking 'Site' or on any of the thumbnails.


Disaster Management

Cruise Lecturers

Sector Management

Bed & Breakfast

License Advisor


Self Employed

Creative Consultancy


Recording Studios


budget/hobby solutions

Wedding Band


Original Blues




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3Ci Global Solutions

3Ci Global Solutions (UK Ltd) is a public safety, security, fire and crisis and disaster management consulting firm based in Stirling, Scotland, UK, with interests located throughout the US and Middle East.

3Ci Global Solutions has unrivaled experience and hands-on knowledge of emergency preparedness and readiness, security, response, recovery, investigation and mitigation. They bridge non-profits with industry, commerce, citizens and government agencies as they assist regional and local governments to prepare for and recover from all types of disasters and crisis.

3Ci Global Solutions

3Ci wanted a clean site containing alot of information about the services offered as well as biographies of their leadership team and prominent consultants. It was decided to use design elements from their logo and let it flow through the site design.

Image editing and optimising were used on the relatively low-quality photos/images provided in order to make the visual aspect stand out. The developer also prepared the site with an online shop to add scope for future sales. As the company developed a social media presence, this was incorporated into the global header.

The Coach House

A privately owned country house set in extensive grounds of a tranquil Welsh country estate, close to the rugged and romantic beauty of Snowdonia National Park, just 3 miles to the west of Snowdon itself, overlooking the shores of Caernarfon Bay.

The Coach House

The Coach House already had a collection of stunning photos, professionally shot and edited. This makes life a lot easier for the designer. Exterior shots from different seasons; Great close-ups and creative angles of the interior design makes the site pleasing to the eye.

Functionally, a contact form, location map and a slide gallery makes the site stand out from other Bed and Breakfast services available online.

BSG Command Systems

BSG Command Systems Ltd is primarily a Fire and Crisis Management Consultancy and Technology Company focused on vastly improving the outcome of major physical crises. The Company acts as a major developer for cutting edge technology and also operate an agency to provide top-crisis management experts for consultancy and training needs.

BSG Command Systems Ltd

The requirements for BSG Command Systems were to present the information about their main product, iSCOPE, in a clear and concise manner while keeping the site easy to navigate. The chosen colour scheme was bronze, silver and gold which goes in line with the actual meaning of the company name - BSG.

The company specifically requested that images used were of high quality which gives a professional feel to the design. jQuery slideshows are used as well as certain CSS and javacript techniques.

Creative Consultancy

Jävla Men is the brainchild of Dennis Westerberg & Mert Pearson. A Creative Consultancy dealing mostly with performance-based music such as scoring films, producing electric music and performing acousticly as well as writing and composing songs for bands and solo work.

They have a large range of consultants to hand should a project exceed their own resources of time, software, hardware or whatever is needed for the completion of a project.

Creative Consultancy

Jävla Men already had a working website when Westerburgh Web came in to revamp it to fit the 21st century. Slideshows were added to present their recent work and clients. On the landing page, a featured project advert was added, for the consultancy to showcase their product(s).

A slight 'film' theme runs through the veins of the site as a main service is film scoring.

Original Blues

The Offenders are Edinburgh’s most dynamic young band, bringing you select cuts of traditional and contemporary blues mixed in with funk, jazz, rock, medleys and jams, providing the perfect soundtrack to your evening.

The Offenders

The Edinburgh band, The Offenders, were looking to upgrade their website in anticipation of their forthcoming original Blues album and Westerburgh Web delivered a new product for them.

Integrating social media into the site was of utmost importance as well as designing the promotional material, producing teaser trailers and popups. Included in the contract was also newsletter creation and setting up a database connection so the band could reach their client base. Previous design components were worked into the new site to create a crisp, updated, 2012 feel.

Blind Faith

Blind Faith is Edinburgh's newest recording studio, offering a range of top value, high quality audio recording services for bands, solo artists, producers and anyone else who is passionate about music.

Blind Faith

Blind Faith Studios needed an online presence after launching the recording business in Edinburgh, Scotland. A heavy focus was placed on the design, demos and different service-packages. SEO and Google Analytics is in place and regular reports is presented to Blind Faith.

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For Weddings and Functions

Looking for an Edinburgh wedding band, or corporate entertainment for your event in Scotland?

The Love Pirates are Edinburgh’s most versatile young band, serving up juicy slices of rock, pop, funk and rhythm’n’blues music, garnished with scorching harmonies and twisted mash-ups. Their carefully selected repertoire ranges from the ‘50s right up to present day, the perfect mix of styles for your wedding, party or corporate function.

For Weddings and Functions

Westerburgh Web was commissioned to create a website to promote the wedding/function band to the UK scene. The site quickly climbed the search rankings due to SEO optimisation and the band became one of the best acts on the scene.

A band site such as this requires demos, biographies, contact forms and loads of relevant content such as setlists etc. Relatively simple adverts were created as YouTube videos and featured on the site.


Jordan Gilmour has been a professional musician and teacher for over six years and has been composing music for film and theatre over the last three years.

Raised and educated in Australia, he achieved his diploma in Contemporary music and performance in 2007. Since then he has performed with dozens of bands and artists between Australia and the UK.


Jordan needed a basic site with a good domain name that he could give to prospective clients in the music industry, whether it be students, radio stations or production companies.

Microsoft's own programming language ASP was used to script the pages along with CSS3 and HTML and FLASH. On the site there are audio clips and integrated music players, contact form and YouTube clips. Jordan provided all files and the design he had in mind in a timely and efficient manner making this project a pleasure to work on.

Ros Pearson - Painter/Artist

Ros grew up in Aberdeen and lived in various different parts of Scotland before settling in East Lothian in 1971.

She has always enjoyed drawing and was encouraged by her parents to be creative and to go to Art College. There were no artists in the family (though one grandfather was an architect). Both her children are creative - though neither one is a painter.

Ros Pearson - Painter/Artist

This project is definitely classified as a 'budget solution'. At the time the site was created for under £100 and included a slideshow of her paintings, full site design and content.

Cruise Lecturers Association

CLA provides entertaining, interesting and knowledgeable enrichment lecturers, covering a wide range of popular topics, for the British and American cruise industries. From a single lecturer to a cruise company's requirements for a season. Available from 24 hours to 18 months.

Associates have experience of speaking to groups from 25 to 500 and are fully conversant with the latest Power Point, computer and audio techniques. Presentations must above all be entertaining, informative and professional.

Cruise Lecturers Association

Westerburgh Web worked closely with this client in order to design and develop a presence online starting with the website with full register of associates, lecturers and committee members.

Working towards a budget with monthly/weekly updates a host of technologies were used such as ASP, CSS, HTML, JAVA etc. Heavy focus was on the visual aspect as well as integrating the associates smoothly to give visitors a great overview of what the association does as well as learning more about each lecturer by viewing videos and personal profiles.


Hayley is a freelance actor/director who, after completing a Bachelor of Arts: Acting for Screen and Stage, won a scholarship to study in the UK.

She utilised this opportunity by studying at Royal Acadamy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London and continuing on to perform as an integral part of The Chamber Shakepeare Cycle in Edinburgh and various festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her time with TCSC was invaluable and the company was rewarded with an Outstanding Fringe Theatre Award for all their efforts.


Hayley needed a site that she could circulate in the arts sector with an aim to reach directors and theatre companies. With this in mind, she needed someting visually striking that contained a collection of all her work to date with an easy to maintain interface as well as social media integration.

For this project CSS was used to it's full extent by using slideshows and image galleries, video integration and headers, links and contact forms. In terms of the design, Photoshop, Fireworks & Vegas pro was used good results.

Independent License Advisor

Independent License Advisor, an agile flixible group of professionals, work with private companies on a performance basis.

For about ten years they have been members of the reseller and manufacturer teams negotiating contracts with large international coorporations. Now they offer this invaluable source of experience and information to CIO's, CEO's, IT Managers and Buyers. They work under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which protects their clients interests - their clients are empowered without having to uncover their newfound strength.

Independent License Advisor

The ILA management wanted an online presence to reach out with their concept and enable potential clients to contact them. The also needed the site to contain important information about the company as well as something graphical to stand out amongst the competition.

For this project CSS was used to it's full extent by using slideshows and incorporating PHP and HTML pages and javascript. For design purposes - Photoshop and Fireworks was used.