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NEW DAY SOUND - Live Sound Technician

NEW DAY SOUND - Vocal Recording

NEW DAY SOUND - Portable Budget Recording Solutions

NEW DAY SOUND - Mixing and Mastering

welcome to NEW DAY SOUND!

Our passion is to help you make your audio projects sound professional and to put forward services at a price that clients on a limited budget can spare.

  • We can offer affordable alternatives in order for you to get your audio project out there, by providing detailed editing, mixing, mastering and overall post production to your recorded tracks.
  • New Day Sound also has a Portable Budget Recording Solution (PBRS) where we personalise a recording, mixing and mastering package for your exact needs, and can offer vocal recording sessions to pre-recorded background music.
  • Through a collaboration with Westerburgh Web, New Day Sound is also available to present post production packages including cover art work for your upcoming record.

For more detailed information of our services, have a look around the website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.




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